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TOMRA Insight turns your sorters into connected devices through the generation of valuable data and processing it into actionable information. This cloud-based solution offers you one secure, near real-time monitoring platform for all your sorting lines. Wherever and whenever you want, you can access digital metrics on the status and performance of your sorters.

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you will discover:

  • an easy to use web-based sorting dashboard for desktop and mobile devices
  • remote access to your sorting data, allowing you to collaborate more freely
  • customizable reporting for a better follow-up of your sorting process
  • support from our specialists to leverage your sorting data into tangible improvements, such as reduced downtime, maximized throughput, and optimized output quality.

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“The sorting data overview in the TOMRA Insight dashboard represents hours of saved time, and money.”

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With a rugged plug-in device, we connect your sorters to our cloud-based data service. TOMRA Insight visualizes the processed sorting data and makes it accessible on desktop and mobile devices. You will be able to follow up on the status and throughput of your machines remotely. This will:

  • improve personnel efficiency and enable operators to act quickly
  • reduce the need to constantly monitor operations manually
  • guide efforts and interventions towards relevant actions
  • improve performance thanks to less downtime

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product quality

The Jersey
Royal Company

“Taking our sorting process digital was one step forward. Now, having to miss it would feel like going five steps back.”

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Your TOMRA Insight dashboards generates customizable logs, status reports and analytics. Not only on your machine’s performance, but also on the sorted products. Receiving live and detailed information on what you are processing will allow you to:

  • monitor product quality faster and more closely
  • take well-informed optimization initiatives
  • benchmark across batches, plants, fields, seasons, ...
  • allocate output quality to meet customer requirements

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Black Chrome Mine

“Generating a constant flow of valuable information, the sorting line becomes a barometer for the mine’s overall performance.”

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The connection between your sorting line and our cloud system enables a more proactive collaboration between your staff, your management and TOMRA’s team of service experts and optimizers.

As everyone involved benefits from remote access to documented operating hours, system settings and notifications, service intervals, parts orders, and so on, the data system will allow for:

  • transparent communication on status and performance
  • fact-based strategic and operational decision-making
  • proactive and condition-based maintenance
  • less frequent and swifter interventions

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