TOMRA Insight
Turns your sorters
into connected


The digital future of sorting is here

Striving for optimal product quality, you want to get the most out of your resources. You rely on sorting technology to monitor your input, to remove foreign material, to reduce defects and material loss and to streamline your production process.

With our new, web-based TOMRA Insight platform, TOMRA turns your sorters into connected devices that generate valuable data and process it into actionable information.

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A secure, nearly real-time monitoring platform for your sorting lines, with a web interface for desktop and mobile devices. Wherever and whenever you want, you can access digital metrics about the status and performance of your sorting equipment.


Mobile alarming and reporting allow you to collaborate more freely. Better follow-up and predictability of your sorting process enable you to reduce downtime, maximize throughput, reduce your operational costs and optimize your output quality.

Your digital source of information and inspiration

With user- and role-based access, the TOMRA Insight portal will provide information and inspiration on different levels.

Connect to
your machine

Access your machine data anywhere, anytime, so you can manage your operations more freely.

Connect to
our service

Manage maintenance more easily with proactive and condition-based service solutions.

Connect to
your process

Pull information from your machines, so you know exactly what is going on and why. Optimize your sorting performance by analyzing data such as throughput, grade, material and size distribution, acceptance vs rejection rates and much more.

Connect to
the industry

By collecting this data securely across multiple machines, plants, companies or even industry-wide while respecting all privacy requirements, there is no limit to what you can learn, improve and optimize.

Connect with
TOMRA Insight


Do you want to know more about TOMRA Insight and benefit from TOMRA's most advanced data and digital service offerings?

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